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List of Companies - 2nd Weymouth Parish, page 1

List of companies - 2nd Weymouth Parish, page 2




Suffolk SS March 6 1776  Permit Francis Fortner and one more to [to] pass to Dorchester Point by order Col. Clap

To                                                                                                       Samuel Rawson Clerk

Capt Main Guards


To Nathaniel Holbrook Capt.  

Greeting you are hereby warned to require all the training soldiers alarm left in the South Parish in Weymouth under my command to meet at the South Parish Meeting House in Weymouth on Thursday the fifteenth day of [this] instant May at 1 oClock afternoon compleat in arms and they are to receive further orders hereof.  Fail not and make return of their warrant with your doings some time before the meeting of militia given under my hand and seal dated at Weymouth May 9 1777.

Thom. Nash Capt   

N B: You are to warn from the Meeting House down Mutton Lain and over the plain by Asa White.


Suffolk, SS: To Mr Jacob Loud You are hereby required in the Majestes name forthwith to warn all the enlisted soldiers in the Second [Parish] of Weymouth for His Majesty's service at Castle William that they appear at said castle on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday the 29th Thirtieth and Thirty first of This instant May at 9 of the clock in the forenoon of the first day mentiond with three days provisions and there to attend further orders and return of this warrant with your doings to me the subscriber some time before the time appointed for meeting.

Given under my hand and seal at Weymouth:  Pr me Eben White Capt

this fifteenth day of May A.D. 1778

The persons to be warned --

Sen: John Shaw: Math'w Porter: Ezekiel White: Samuel Hovey: James Trufant: Zech Shaw: Thos Bate: Calvin White: Daniel Rogers: Joseph Trufant Jr: Matthew Hunt: Jonathan Joy: Will'm Riply: John Hunt: Elisha Lovel: David Blancher: John Vinson: Benja Hollis: Eben Hollis: Jacob Loud: Stephen Pain: Eliphalet Riply: Sam'll Holbrook: Joseph Colson: Elijah Nash: Eben'r Clark: Nehemiah Joy: David Thayer: Micha Lovel

N:B: also Invite them to appear at the meeting house in the 2nd par'sh in Weymouth, the twenty forth day of this instant May at three of the clock in the afternoon.

E. White      


Castle Island  May 19 1779    

Capt Nash T wrote you those lines to let you know that you may inlist a number soldiers here on this place and I would have you come as soon as possible you can.  Solomon Nash



Weymouth Nov 18 1782     

Alarm list and train band


You are hereby leagally warned to appear at the South Meeting House in Weymouth on Monday AE 25th day of Nov'r instant at 12 of the clock AM with a good fire arm carthridge, bon, bayonet, a lt powder 40 lead balls and 6 flints -  hereof fail not

Cap't  Tho's. Nash                                                                           Tho's Vinson Capt



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