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Jane Holbrook-Jewell Scholarship

The Jane Holbrook Jewell Scholarship fund is dedicated to Jane Holbrook-Jewell in memory of her dedication and service of protecting and preserving our history for the town of Weymouth. The fund is intended to provide financial support for the post-secondary education of one Weymouth student per year, to publicize the Weymouth Historical Society, and to recognize in perpetuity, the long record of academic, professional, civic, and financial contributions made to the Town of Weymouth and the Weymouth Historical Society by the Holbrook family. The fund especially recognizes the generosity of Jane Holbrook Jewell and the actor Hal Holbrook.

Amount - $500. If additional funds are available, awards may be made after the first year; meeting the terms and conditions as outlined here.

1) Residency requirement - Applicant/recipient must be a Weymouth resident.

2) Qualifications - The scholarship is intended for a student entering an accredited college, junior college, university or professional school. While it is the hope that the student will pursue a course of study in the field of drama or history, it should not be a condition of the award. This is intended to recognize that college is a time to explore and expand career and personal interests.

3) Selection criteria - The applicant should demonstrate through tangible work, participation and accomplishments, a strong interest in history or drama. The applicant is asked to describe, in writing, three activities/events that the applicant wishes the committee to consider as evidence of their history/drama interests. Examples might include volunteering in a museum, a research report on a subject related to history or drama or participation in a theatrical performance. For each accomplishment cited the committee will assign point values from one to ten for each of the following elements:

Academic qualities

Leadership skills

Artistic and creative elements

Benefit to the community

The award will be made to the applicant with the highest point score.

4) References - All references will be checked before the award is announced.


The Scholarship will be announced prior to and be awarded at the Annual Meeting of the Weymouth Historical Society held in April. Applications due by March 15, 2016. Announcement of the winner will be given at the end of March.

Scholarship Board: Bruce Ketchen, Chairman - Marilyn Wilburn, Co-Chairman - Dot Cole, Director - Jane Ketchen, Director - Erica Dumont, Director



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