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The Weymouth Historical Society's mission is to protect and preserve the history of Weymouth, Massachusetts.

The Weymouth Historical Society was founded in 1879, and is a non-profit organization funded by donations and membership dues. The Society maintains and operates the Weymouth Historical Museum and the Jason Holbrook Homestead.

Executive Board:

� Debbie Sullivan, President and Genealogy Records


� Michelle Capellini, Vice President


� Bruce Ketchen, Treasurer


� Erica Dumont, Recording Secretary   


� Jim Palmieri, Curator


� Jim Richmond, Librarian


� Ken Gerrish, Director


� Mike Crowley, Director


� William Sargent, Director


� Debbie Sullivan, Newsletter


The Executive Board is elected annually by the membership and work under the society's Constitution and By-Laws. The Executive Board, Homestead Committee, Museum Committee, and Genealogists all volunteer their time, which leaves all our funding for maintenance and preservation.



Weymouth Historical Society, 238 Park Ave, PO Box 56, South Weymouth, Massachusetts 02190

Tele: (781) 340-1022   


Founded in 1879

 Email: WeyHistorical@aol.com