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Weymouth Cemeteries

The following are some of the cemetery codes you will see in the "Town of Weymouth Vital Records" books. Many of our earlier burials were on farm land or in small family burial plots, and unfortunately have been lost due to construction, erosion, etc. If one of these codes is listed for the person you are researching, that means they are buried in a Weymouth cemetery and the information has been preserved despite the many years of harsh New England weather.

Click on the links for more information about each cemetery, and for lists of veterans that are buried in each one.

Grave Record Codes

Church Record Codes

g.r.1. = Highland Cemetery
g.r.2. = Village Cemetery
g.r.3. = Reed Cemetery
g.r.4. = White Cemetery (technically in Braintree)
g.r.5. = Ashwood Cemetery
g.r.6. = Elmwood Cemetery
g.r.7. = Old Cemetery [Belcher Cemetery]
g.r.8. = Mount Hope Cemetery
g.r.9. = Lakeview Cemetery
g.r.10. = Fairmount Cemetery
g.r.11. = Waterman Cemetery
g.r.12. = Olde Cemetery [Old Burying Ground]
g.r.13. = Martin Burial Ground [Nash Cemetery]
g.r.14. = Old North Cemetery [North Weymouth Cemetery]
no # = Saint Francis Xavier Cemetery

c.r.1. = First Church of Christ, North Precinct
c.r.2. = First Church of Christ, South Precinct
c.r.3. = Union Church, Weymouth/Braintree
c.r.4. = Union Church, South Weymouth

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