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Whale Island Club

Another club with dedicated members was the Whale Island Club.  Organized on 17 Jun 1901, it was one of the most popular social clubs on the South Shore and was noted for its hospitality and good fellowship.  It was originally located on Whale Island, Hockley Bay, Weymouth Back River.  Later the government survey for the Hingham Ammunition Depot took this part of Weymouth, causing the club to vacate the Whale Island site; after which they obtained their present location at Burin Island at North Weymouth on the shore of Weymouth Fore River.  History says that when the Pilgrims left Plymouth on their way to Boston, they camped at this island.


During its twenty-two years of existence, it has entertained many men prominent in the affairs of town, State, and Nation.  The club has never made distinction because of race, creed, or sect.


The original organization was as follows:




Monarch: Baron Peter W French

Chieftain: Earl  E. J. Brown

Chancellor of the Exchequer: Sir Knight Preston W. Lewis

Keeper of the Records: Sir Knight William C. Earle

Pasha of Many Tales: Sir Knight George W. Baker

Keeper of Privet Seals and General De Corker: Sir Knight D. M. Easton

Councilors: Satellites W. B. Clapp and Frederick T. Hunt

Wire Pullers: Allen B. Vining and Edward B. Nevins


Its present [1923] membership consists of the following:


   William C. Earle

   E. J. Brown

   William J. Holbrook

   James D. Bosworth

   Preston W. Lewis

   George W. Perry

      C. Frank White

      George L. Barnes

      George W. Baker

      Fred L. Alden

      Russell G. Hunt


Fred Lawton Alden - b. 1879, N. Middleboro, MA; m. Mary Elizabeth Gonce, Middleboro, MA; d. 1965, Weymouth.  Father: Andrew Alden. Mother: Abby Thompson.  Lived at Whitman St, East Weymouth and was the bank president at East Weymouth Savings Bank.

George Woods Baker - b. 1854, Weymouth; m. Alida Rushton Dizer, Weymouth; d. aft 1930, Quincy, MA. Father: Howard Baker. Mother: Maria Boyle. Lived at Fairmount Ave in Weymouth, and then Quincy.

George Lewis Barnes - b. 1879, Weymouth; m. Anna Miriam Stetson, Weymouth; d. 1965, Weymouth.  Father: John Barnes. Mother: Amelia Graves. Lived at Nevin Rd, Weymouth; employed as a lawyer in Boston, MA.

James Davis Bosworth - b. 1872, Pawtucket, RI; m. Mabel Hattie Blanchard, Acton; d. aft 1830, Weymouth.  Father: William H. Bosworth.  Mother: Anna Davis.  Lived on Broad St in Weymouth Landing.  Merchant for Emerson Coal and Grain, East Weymouth.

E. J. Brown - Still researching.

Wendell Bradford Clapp - b. 1845, Weymouth; m. Emma Perkins Nash, Weymouth; d. 1907, Weymouth.  Father: Joseph Clapp. Mother: Susan Adlington.  Lived on Front St in Weymouth Landing and worked at A. J. Richards.

William Charles Earle - b. 1859, Weymouth; m. Myra Bates; d. 1925, Weymouth.  Lived first on Grant St, then High St (#60). Occupations listed were first "clothing store keeper", then switched to "Weigher & Gages Customs", and then just to  "Customs".

Douglas Murray Easton - b. 1838, Scotland; m. Mary Geddes, Hingham, MA; d. aft 1910. Father: George Easton.  Mother: Mary.  Lived at Broad St, Weymouth; was a leather manufacturer at Hyde Park, MA.

Peter Whitmarsh French - b. 1838, Weymouth; m. Sarah Ella Bicknell, Weymouth; d. 1906, Weymouth.  Father: Samuel French.  Mother: Ruth Whitmarsh.

William Jason Holbrook - b. 1882, Boston; m. Esther Devens Jorgensen; d. aft 1940, Weymouth.  Father: Frederick Henry Holbrook.  Mother: Mary Earys Hersey.  Lived on Main St in South Weymouth, and was a lawyer in Boston.

Frederick Thayer Hunt - b. 1857, Weymouth; m. Betsey French, Weymouth; d. aft 1916.  Father: Edmund Hunt.  Mother:  Annie Pool(e).

Russell Goddard Hunt - b. 1863, Weymouth; m. Helen R. Allen, Braintree; d. aft 1940.  Father: Edmund M. Hunt.  Mother: Annie Pool(e).  Lived at Broad St, Weymouth; was a manufacturer of fireworks.

Preston W. Lewis - b. abt 1865, Boston; m. Mary Ripley, Weymouth; d. 1995, Cohasset.  Lived on Church St in Weymouth.  Worked at M. C. Dizer & Co in 1883, beginning as office boy, but by ability and tact he attained to the position of superintendent of the entire factory, lastly he was a salesman.

Edward Brown Nevin - b. 1856, York, Pennsylvainia; m. Bessie Tirrell Bates, Weymouth; d. 1915, Weymouth.  Father: John Nevin.  Mother: Jane Brown.  Lived on Main St in Weymouth, and was a sales merchant selling coal.

George Wason Perry - b. 1833, Springfield, MA; m. Marion Kane Tufts, Medford, MA; d. aft 1940, Weymouth . Father: George M. Perry. Mother: Emma Gleason.  Lived at Hillcrest Rd, East Weymouth, MA; employed at Weymouth Light and Power.

Allen B. Vining - b. 1850, Weymouth; d. aft 1920.  Father: Noah Vining.  Mother: Sarah Curtis

Charles Francis White - b. 1865, Duxbury, MA; m1. Emma Page Allen, Braintree, MA; m2. Nola Grace ??, Braintree; d. 1950, Braintree, MA.  Father: Jonathan Francis White.  Mother: Henrietta Whitmarsh.  Lived in Braintree, MA; employed as a salesman.



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