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Mount Hope Cemetery

Established: 1800
Location: Pine St (at Elm St), South Weymouth, Massachusetts 02190
Ownership: Private
Telephone: (781) 335-2183

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Veterans Buried Here

Name Lot Grave Sheet Key Avenue / Path Find A Grave #

French and Indian War
White, Hezekiah





Summit Ave


Revolutionary War
Pratt, Ezra





Summit Ave

Pratt, Isaac1513B-6Summit Ave
Pratt, Josiah Sr.123B-7Summit Ave97232745
Pratt, Mathew Jr.1013C-6Summit Ave96551120
Vining, David362D-7Primrose Path
White, Hezekiah3013D-6Summit Ave93573674
White, Thomas3023D-6Summit Ave94950830

War of 1812
Bailey, Abraham





Summit Ave

Pratt, Josiah Jr.231H-7Summit Ave98862489
Shaw, John461H-6Summit Ave98864841
Stoddard, Hezekiah143A-7Summit Ave98875230
White, Thomas3023D-6Summit Ave94950830

Civil War
Baker, Howard





Highland Ave

Baldwin, Everett11011C-6Woodbine Path94324957
Barnard, Thomas12541E-8Forest Ave95093217
Bates, Samuel A.1982B-4Arbutus Path95093249
Beaulieu, Moses1992B-7Clover Path95093328
Belcher, Addison H.36414G-1Crescent Rd95093417
Blanchard, Franklin95259562
Bowker, George R.5942E-7Cypress Ave95093460
Burrell, John G.272D-8Columbine Path94340421
Cady, Benjamin L.1011C-5Primrose Path94343718
Chandler, Jacob26013A-2Prospect Path95093640
Clapp, William Henry2112C-8Clover Path94350470
Cokely, Humphrey17712F-3Crescent Rd94820138
Crockett, William H.5413A-4Highland Ave95093742
Cudworth, Benjamin5241H-4Highland Ave95093802
Cushing, Elbridge G.41924C-2Crescent Rd94356129
Cushing, Sylvanus Everett4174C-4Maple Ave94357275
Cushing, William N.10511D-6Chestnut Ave94357556
Dunn, John6083B-4Highland Ave94442092
Estes, Samuel413A-4Highland Ave94451650
Ford, Joseph B.46502531
Gardner, George L.13211F-4Chestnut Ave94453520
Gardner, Henry A.14011H-2Chestnut Ave94453560
Gay, Samuel E.201H-7Summit Ave94454035
Goldthwait, Charles261 or 22D-8Columbine Path92232102
Graves, George A.42644C-5Maple Ave95094554
Hawes, Bradford2082B-7Clover Path94469430
Hawes, Charles27213C-3Prospect Path82685613
Heald, Lysander15712G-3Hawthorne Path90053906
Hobart, Thomas P.10011E-3Chestnut Ave94504709
Hocking, William H.1081B-7Willow Ave94504823
Holbrook, George363B-5Highland Ave94505440
Holbrook, John Quincy Adams52014F-5Violet Path94505675
Holmes, Charles H.43534G-9Crescent Rd95154770
Huff, Edward5254G-5Violet Path95154805
Hunt, George S.18172F-4Magnolia Ave95154837
Hunt, Henry M.1111C-4Columbine Path94560529
Jenkins, Riley E.26813A-3Prospect Path39886629
Jones, Charles O.41884C-3Maple Ave95154894
Leach, Adnah G.5423A-3Prospect Path94572993
Lewis, Edward5823B-4Highland Ave94573544
Long, William5412C-5Cypress Ave94575120
Loud, Byron W.4861H-5Summit Ave94580417
Loud, Francis M.4841H-6Summit Ave94634965
Makepeace, Horace M.281D-1Columbine Path94635116
Martin, Edwin10911B-7Woodbine Path94635340
McGill, Stephen15822G-3Hawthorne Path94636985
McQuinn, Edward31014B-2Crescent Rd95155164
Morrill, Charles G.41014E-6Maple Ave94663833
Poole, Samuel B.1712G-5Hawthorne Path94690828
Pratt Charles H.353B-6Summit Ave94852618
Pratt, William L.1211C-4Primrose Path95155320
Raymond, Alfred5433A-3Prospect Path95155355
Rea, John D.52814G-4Violet Path94963149
Rea, William M.1992B-4Arbutus Path94712533
Reynolds, William H.1041D-5Chestnut Ave94717630
Richards, Samuel M.24112G-8Hawthorne Path94719824
Rockwood, Henry1411D-3Primrose Path94323035
Rogers, Daniel Francis183A-7Summit Ave94721755
Sampson, William W.3241D-1Primrose Path95155555
Shaw, Austin B.1812B-7Willow Ave94767120
Skinner, Robert G.9911E-3Chestnut Ave94768795
Spinney, David W.11611D-3Woodbine Path95155648
Sprague, William H.16912G-6Hawthorne Path95155698
Stewart, Charles R.2921D-1Columbine Path95155715
Taylor, Joseph F.11721E-3Woodbine Path94773128
Thayer, Nathaniel A.94983170
Thomas, Edwin L.512B-4Cypress Ave94774589
Thomas, Edwin L.2022A-4Willow Ave95156137
Thomas, Edmund12Arbutus Path96517009
Tisdale, Charles H.2072A-3Arbutus Path95156223
Torrey, Frederick Sumner5713B-4Highland Ave94982112
Torrey, Joseph E.4431H-6Summit Ave94781811
Vining, Adoniram Elliot47114F-10Walnut Ave94783027
Vining, Alonzo19212D-5Arbutus Path94783071
Vining, George W.1241E-8Forest Ave94783753
Vining, Noah Frank2252B-6Columbine Path92302950
Vining, William A.1933A-7Summit Ave94783936
Weeks, James8312G-7Hawthorne Path94785845
Weeks, Nathan W.6223C-4Prospect Path95156559
White, James Melvin96265712
Willis, Stephen R.422B-6Cypress Ave92414057
Wright, Charles Wesley1061D-6Chestnut Ave94976538

Spanish American War
Tisdale, George H.




Arbutus Path

White, Harry L.2913D-6Summitt Ave

World War I
Baker, George A.





Crescent Rd

Ball, A. L.3484H-5Crescent Rd
Bates, Warren A.382D-7Cypress Ave
Cass, Harold5234G-5Violet Path95093570
Flattery, J Frank763G-4Prospect Path
Frost, Frederick31224C-1Crescent Rd
Frost, Myron31214C-1Crescent Rd
Hagan, AntonA13D-7Summit Ave
Liley, Thomas3204F-1Crescent Rd
Morse, Harold E.6523D-4Highland Ave
Noble, Bart1141C-3Primrose Path
Ralph, William3444I-4Crescent Rd
Reed, Walter V.45024B-4Walnut Ave
Rix, William A.1222E-8Woodbine Path
Rudd, A. Ralph5514F-2Myrtle Path
Sennett, Joseph653D-4Highland Ave
Torrey, Kenneth42014B-3Crescent Rd
Wisling, Leo P.31114B-2Crescent Rd

Information from: "Veterans Buried in Weymouth MA Cemeteries," Compiled by Base Map of June 1940, Made by Russell M. Whiting