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Fairmount Cemetery

Established: 1795
Location: 168 Cedar St, East Weymouth, Massachusetts 02189
Ownership: Private
Telephone: (781) 335-3223

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Veterans Buried Here

Name Lot Grave Key Avenue / Road Sheet Find A Grave #

Revolutionary War
Bates, Robert




Hawthorn Ave



War of 1812
Bates, Cotton

Hawes, James135A-4Laurel Ave196020109
Healey, Samuel54F-2Elm Ave295129410

Civil War
Andrus, Edward G.




Magnolia Ave


Bartlett, George43B-3Walnut Ave294326014
Bates, John F.23211F-5Cherry Ave394327976
Bates, John W.992C-7Cypress Ave175362438
Bates, Leavitt161H-7Linden Ave294328653
Bearce, Simeon49E-3Walnut Ave294329436
Belk, Harrison L.280H-8Cherry Ave369870021
Berry, Joseph N.70B-1Elm Ave295024860
Blanchard, Thomas S.86F-8Locust Ave194335340
Boodrue, John2723E-7Cherry Ave369871536
Burrell, Charles H.361B-4Hawthorn Ave294340235
Burrell, David Bates1122C-6Oak Ave193643973
Burrell, John P.1121C-6Oak Ave193361602
Burrell, Joseph H., Jr.30F-4Hawthorn Ave294341167
Burrell, Martin D.852F-2Elm Ave294341682
Burrell, Samuel E.23212F-5Cherry Ave395025321
Cain, Leonard W.192E-6Linden Ave295025466
Cain, Stephen Jr.51F-3Walnut Ave252207998
Chapman, Daniel L.1331A-5Acacia Ave175425220
Clapp, Loring O.1482B-3Willow Ave194350165
Cole, George N.211G-4Forest Ave368896143
Cowing, Charles G.213G-3Forest Ave394353959
Cummings, William L.124E-5Acacia Ave194354866
Cushing, Francis H.255C-2E. Fairmount Rd370957132
Dailey, Israel A.56H-3Walnut Ave294431179
Davis, William H.154H-8Cypress Ave195481240
Denbroeder, Adrian139C-4Laurel Ave194435931
Denton, Samuel C.191E-5Magnolia Ave240229299
Dinsmore, Frank A.23214F-5Cherry Ave395027041
Duval, Lewis146B-3Willow Ave194451553
Earle, Daniel C.266H-7Cherry Ave394920607
Eldridge, William H.281H-8Cherry Ave381822624
Faulkner, Harrison232H-5Magnolia Ave294452001
Ford, Joseph P.722A-1Elm Ave295027858
Freeman, William116F-6Oak Ave152510648
French, George W.47D-3Walnut Ave271482607
French, Samuel F.94452804
Gardner, Edward B.1581H-4Hawthorn Ave292948045
Gardner, Jacob Jr.105A-6Oak Ave194092809
Gardner, Jason181F-8Palm Ave268896181
Gardner, Nelson W.92A-5Magnolia Ave240229335
Garey, Andrew J.11H-6Linden Ave294453733
Gildersleeve, William H.2323F-5Cherry Ave395029448
Goodwin, William F.101A-5Magnolia Ave240229338
Gould, Joseph F.140C-4Laurel Ave195029896
Gurney, Willard87G-2Elm Ave252509362
Harrington, Minot J.991B-7Cypress Ave194468436
Hathaway, William B.251C-6E. Fairmount Rd370957093
Hayden, Albert Clinton20F-5Magnolia Ave294475540
Hayward, Charles W. L.45C-3Walnut Ave294907439
Healey, Charles E.593G-2Elm Ave295030945
Healey, George R.592G-2Elm Ave295031171
Healey, James H.54F-3Walnut Ave295031693
Healey, Warren M.591G-2Elm Ave295031892
Henry, William2322F-5Cherry Ave395420995
Higgins, John J.2722E-7Cherry Ave395032758
Higgins, Joseph2721E-7Cherry Ave395033106
Holbrook, William O.24G-5Magnolia Ave240229346
Kearney, James231F-4Forest Ave372429685
Keene, William23210F-5Cherry Ave395081693
Kimball, James D.23213F-5Cherry Ave395081798
Larmey, Joseph21F-6Linden Ave294572794
Leach, Elbridge L.2321F-5Cherry Ave394573036
Lewis, William A.228G-4Forest Ave394573750
Lincoln, Daniel W.96E-7Cypress Ave194574178
Linnell, Samuel D.1772H-8Palm Ave272560708
Lovell, Benjamin S.110C-6Oak Ave152521095
Lovell, Jacob R.982D-7Cypress Ave195082194
Lovell, James A.362C-4Hawthorn Ave294634581
Makepeace, Sanford264H-6Cherry Ave368896229
Mansfield, William156H-2Elm Ave295082505
Marden, Lewis C.1421C-4Laurel Ave140637053
Marden, Newell141D-4Laurel Ave194635312
Maynard, George F.57H-2Elm Ave252506837
Merchant, William F.84E-8Locust Ave140229355
Miller, Alonzo R.94661507
Mitchell, George W.22G-6Linden Ave294661698
Monroe, Alfred C.235F-5Cherry Ave394661981
Morse, Oliver A.311E-4Hawthorn Ave295083212
Perry, George H.231H-5Magnolia Ave294699213
Perry, Henry102A-5Magnolia Ave294690651
Porter, Hiram981C-7Cypress Ave195083843
Pratt, Asa B.287E-3Cherry Ave494691068
Pratt, Benjamin F., Jr.1582H-5Magnolia Ave294691264
Pratt, George H.262G-6Cherry Ave368896259
Quinn, Jeremiah33C-4Hawthorn Ave240229401
Raymond, Benjamin T.1332A-6Acacia Ave175425693
Raymond, Charles W.240E-5Cherry Ave368896268
Raymond, James G.1492A-3Willow Ave12954069
Raymond, Thomas W.28F-4Hawthorn Ave252551341
Raymond, Walter Bela1491A-3Willow Ave195103111
Reamy, Joseph H.41A-3Walnut Ave294712796
Redmond, Charles S.12H-6Linden Ave294717048
Rice, Stephen L.351B-4Hawthorn Ave294717760
Rice, Urban B.352C-4Hawthorn Ave295121080
Shaw, George W.1422D-4Laurel Ave194767451
Sloan, Charles C.2324F-5Cherry Ave395091749
Smith, Richard B.8A-6Linden Ave240229445
Snow, Stephen D.104A-7Cypress Ave195092077
Spear, Albert A.103A-7Cypress Ave194770886
Spear, Josiah Quincy67C-2Elm Ave263974333
Stetson, Charles Cole212G-3Forest Ave395092127
Stevens, James H.1481A-3Willow Ave175426501
Sweeting, Putnam210H-5Cherry Ave368896291
Swift, George C.851F-1Locust Ave295092165
Taylor, Samuel C.108B-6Oak Ave195092203
Thomas, Bailey92G-6Oak Ave195092304
Thompson, Charles H.60G-2Elm Ave295092324
Thurston, Oscar58G-2Elm Ave295092381
Tirrell, Augustus248D-4E. Fairmount Rd371018372
Tirrell, John Wesley122F-6Oak Ave194777042
Tirrell, Warren123E-6Oak Ave194777119
Totman, Irving J.1771H-8Palm Ave268896298
Turner, Waldo721A-1Elm Ave294782852
Turpel, Rufus S.119H-6Oak Ave152600808
Vogell, Henry B.311C-7E. Fairmount Rd371018387
White, Russell
Whiting, Charles D.312E-4Hawthorn Ave252603102
Wrightington, Judah1773H-2Forest Ave376324600
Young, George W.3940229454
Young, Job Jr.239E-4Forest Ave395092737

Spanish American War
Briggs, Frank E.



E. Fairmount Rd


Brown, George H.160H-7Linden Ave2
Hathorn, Henry63E-2Elm Ave275405296
Loud, HarryBD-4E. Fairmount Rd471018220
MacKenzieKD-5E. Fairmount Rd4
Nutting, JohnKD-5E. Fairmount Rd471018285

World War I
Adlington, Walter D.



Cherry Ave


Burns, Laurence E.23216F-5Cherry Ave395393983
Carter, Maynard D.PD-4E. Fairmount Rd4
Coburn, Burdell17E-6Linden Ave295127890
Ewell, George E.21F-6Magnolia Ave292899725
Foster, Erwin E.67C-1Elm Ave2
French, Charles H.25H-4Hawthorn Ave299649714
Garey, Margaret F.13H-6Linden Ave296364969
Hawes, John2328F-5Cherry Ave371018175
Humphrey, Ward Fay52F-3Walnut Ave299910390
Ingham, John H.2329F-5Cherry Ave395393865
Kindelberger, John J.Acacia Ave1101049651
Lane, Lawrence99658191
Miller, Henry23215F-5Cherry Ave395082983
Simonds, Maurice29F-4Hawthorn Ave252596513
Totman, James H.198H-5Cherry Ave368896305
Wallace, Thomas H.70C-7E. Fairmount Rd473906807
Wheaton, Charles E.297H-4Maple Rd471018399
Wilcox, John Arthur296AG-4Maple Rd471018417

World War II
Brown, George A.

Meyer, Adolph2325F-5Cherry Ave395082836
Wheaton, Roy A., Jr.85F-1Elm Ave2100067732

Information from: "Veterans Buried in Weymouth MA Cemeteries," Compiled by Base Map of June 1940, Made by Russell M. Whiting